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PES 2024 Apk 8.0.0 Download (eFootball) Android

Explore the Excitement of "eFootball PES 2024" - The Evolution of "PES"

The world of digital soccer is undergoing a revolution, and it's all happening in "eFootball™ 2024." Say goodbye to "PES" (Pro Evolution Soccer) and welcome the next generation of soccer gaming.

Playing "eFootball™" opens up a world of possibilities, and here's how you can dive into the action:

PES 2024 on Android is a creation of the Japanese company KONAMI. This game immerses players in the world of football, providing a lifelike experience that mimics actual matches on the field. In this discussion, we'll explore the game's key features, its attributes, downloading instructions, and other vital details. Join us for a comprehensive overview."

Build Your Dream Team

In "eFootball™ 2024," you have the opportunity to create your very own dream team. Choose from famous clubs like FC Barcelona, Manchester United FC, FC Bayern M√ľnchen, AC Milan, Internazionale Milano, and more. But that's not all – you can also customize your team with the latest uniforms and emblems from national teams and clubs worldwide, including those from South America, the J.League, and beyond.

Recruit Top Players

Once you've established your team, it's time to make some strategic signings. Whether you're eyeing current superstars or legends of the sport, "eFootball™ 2024" offers a variety of players to choose from. You can explore two player lists:

-Special Player List: This includes standout performers from real-life fixtures, players from featured leagues, and legendary soccer icons.


-Standard Player List: Handpick your favorite players and use sorting and filtering functions to find the perfect additions to your squad.

But it's not just about the players; you can also sign managers with different coaching affinities to fine-tune your tactics.

Engage in Thrilling Matches

With your dream team assembled, it's time to hit the pitch. "eFootball™" offers various ways to enjoy the game, from testing your skills against AI opponents to competing online for rankings. Here's how you can experience it:

-VS AI Matches: Participate in events that align with the real-world soccer calendar. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced player, there's an event for you. Build a Dream Team that matches the event's theme and take on the challenge.

-User Matches: Prove your skills in real-time competition with the division-based "eFootball™ League" and a range of weekly events. Can you guide your Dream Team to the pinnacle of Division 1?

-Play with Friends: Challenge your friends using the Friend Match feature. Showcase your team's true potential in exciting matches. You can also join forces in cooperative 3 vs. 3 matches for even more soccer action.

Player Development

In "eFootball™ 2024," player development is a key aspect of the game. Depending on their player types, signed players can be further improved. Level up your players through match experience and "Level Training Programs," which can be earned as event rewards. Use "Progression Points" to enhance specific player stats such as shooting, dribbling, or defending. If you're not sure where to allocate these points, there's even an auto-allocate function to help you tailor your players to your liking.

Stay Informed

For the latest news, keep an eye on the official eFootball™ website. New features, modes, events, and gameplay improvements are constantly being added to enhance your gaming experience.

Getting Started

To dive into "eFootball™ 2024," make sure you have approximately 2.4 GB of free storage space on your device. A stable internet connection is also essential for both downloading and playing the game. For the best experience, consider using a Wi-Fi connection.

Please note that users in Belgium won't have access to loot boxes that require eFootball™ Coins for payment.

Are you ready to step onto the virtual soccer pitch and experience the future of soccer gaming in "eFootball PES 2024"?

What's New in eFootball™ 2024 - '23-'24 Season Update

Prepare for an immersive soccer experience as we introduce exciting changes and improvements in the '23-'24 season update of eFootball PES 2024. Here's a quick rundown of the key updates:

Updated Team, Player, and Manager Data

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the soccer world. The '23-'24 season update brings refreshed team rosters, player statistics, and manager data, ensuring you're playing with the most current information.

Team Playstyle Evolution

The concept of "Team Playstyle Level" and players' "Team Playstyle Proficiency" has evolved. Discover new dynamics in team play and how players adapt to various strategies.

Base Team Settings in Game Plan

Manage your squad more efficiently with "Base Team Settings" now conveniently located in the Game Plan menu. Customize your team setups for different situations and tactics.

Individual Game Plan for Base Teams

Tailor your strategies even further by setting different base teams for each Game Plan. Adapt to your opponents and game scenarios with ease.

In-game Asset Data Carryover

We understand your dedication to building a powerhouse team. That's why we're introducing a process to carry over in-game assets and data to ensure your progress remains intact.

Gameplay Refinements

Experience smoother and more balanced gameplay with various adjustments that enhance the overall gaming experience. Fine-tune your skills and strategies to master the pitch.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

We've listened to your feedback and addressed various issues to provide a more polished gaming environment. Enjoy a seamless soccer experience with these fixes and improvements.

For more detailed information, check out the News section within the game. Get ready to embrace the '23-'24 season with these exciting updates in eFootball™ 2024!

EFootball PES 2024 Requirements 

To enjoy the immersive soccer experience offered by eFootball PES 2024, you'll need to ensure that your device meets the following requirements:

**For Android:**

- **Operating System:** Android 7.0 or higher.

- **Storage:** Approximately 2.4 GB of free storage space is required for the initial download and installation.

- **Internet Connection:** A stable internet connection is required to play the game and access online features.

**For iOS (iPhone/iPad):**

- **Device Compatibility:** Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

- **Storage:** Approximately 2.4 GB of free storage space is needed for the initial download and installation.

- **Internet Connection:** A stable internet connection is necessary to play eFootball PES 2024 and access online content.

Please note that these requirements may change with updates to the game. Additionally, for the best experience, using a device with more powerful hardware and a stable, high-speed internet connection is recommended to fully enjoy all the features and graphics of the game.

How To Download eFootball PES 2024 

In summary, eFootball PES 2024 on Android stands as the epitome of virtual football gaming, delivering a harmonious blend of realism and excitement that continually captivates players. With improved graphics, true-to-life gameplay, and an impressive lineup of star players and teams, it's an essential acquisition for football enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned PES veteran or new to the series, this game guarantees hours of immersive football action. Dive into the updated rosters, master the controls, and engage in various game modes, all while reveling in the remarkable graphics and dynamic audio that breathe life into the beautiful game.

You can conveniently download the game directly from this source. Just hit the Button below. 


EFootball PES 2024 ( 2.2 GB ) ⇩

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about eFootball PES 2024:

**1. What is eFootball PES 2024?**

   - eFootball PES 2024 is the latest installment in the popular soccer gaming series, previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). It offers a realistic and immersive soccer experience for players on mobile devices.

**2. Is eFootball PES 2024 free to play?**

   - Yes, eFootball PES 2024 is available as a free-to-play game. However, it may offer in-app purchases for various in-game items and currency.

**3. What platforms is eFootball PES 2024 available on?**

   - eFootball PES 2024 is primarily available on Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the respective app stores.

**4. How do I update player data in eFootball PES 2024?**

   - Player data in the game is periodically updated to reflect real-world soccer developments, including transfers and player ratings. You can typically receive these updates by connecting to the internet when prompted or by checking for updates in the game's menu.

**5. Can I play eFootball PES 2024 offline?**

   - While some aspects of the game can be enjoyed offline, many features, including online matches and events, require an internet connection. You can play offline exhibition matches against AI opponents.

**6. How can I customize my team in eFootball PES 2024?**

   - You can customize your team by selecting your preferred players, formations, tactics, and playstyles. The game provides options to tailor your squad to your liking.

**7. Are real team and player names used in eFootball PES 2024?**

   - Yes, eFootball PES 2024 features official licenses from various soccer leagues and teams. This means you'll find real team names, player likenesses, and official stadiums in the game.

**8. Can I transfer my progress to a new season or update?**

   - Yes, the game typically implements a data carryover process that allows you to transfer your in-game assets and progress to new seasons or updates, ensuring that your hard work is not lost.

**9. Are there regular updates and events in eFootball PES 2024?**

   - Yes, the game receives regular updates that introduce new features, gameplay improvements, events, and modes to keep the gaming experience fresh and engaging.

**10. Is eFootball PES 2024 compatible with my device?**

    - To check if your device is compatible, you can visit the app store (Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS) and search for the game. If your device meets the specified requirements, you should be able to download and install it.

These FAQs should help you get started and provide information about eFootball PES 2024. If you have more specific questions or need assistance with any aspect of the game, feel free to ask!

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